3 Spiritual Things I Learned From an (Almost) Recycled Egg Carton

My price-savvy husband found an awesome deal for eggs at Walmart (don’t judge, we are not getting farm fresh eggs–yet!).  It is actually a great deal–five dozen for $2.08.  They come in a big box that is a bit cumbersome in the refrigerator.  I decided to just save our smaller egg cartons and fill those with the eggs from the bulk box.  I therefore asked everyone in the family to NOT recycle or throw away the smaller egg cartons, but save them.

I had seen an empty egg carton in the recycle bin but didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until I looked in the refrigerator and didn’t see the grey egg carton that I thought to take it out of the recycle.

This is what I gathered from the 1-minute experience.

1. Your value will be seen by some, but not by all.

Whoever put the egg carton in the recycle bin obviously forgot my request to save the smaller egg cartons. It just wasn’t that important to them. He or she didn’t realize that the egg carton had a better purpose than to be shred into pieces and repurposed into a different material.  It had purpose here and now.

Just realize in life that as we grow in God, we should begin to recognize the value that He has placed in/on us.  God created us all for specific purposes, with value. I recently read a blog from a guy who is a professional scavenger who makes a living selling curbside garbage.  As I read his blog, I was amazed at the money he said he would make by reselling all the stuff people deemed as garbage.

Don’t allow anyone or any circumstance to lower your value. Insecure bosses, rumor-spreading neighbors, crabby-minded relatives and co-workers, layoffs, a divorce…none of them determine your value, so please do not allow them to devalue who you are. Even if you made mistakes in those relationships and situations, learn from the mistake and move on.  Fail forward, as I have read in many places. As one of my mentors says, allow your mistake to become your miracle.  Keep on going for what the Lord has predestined you to do.

2. Continue in the assignment God has placed you in, no matter how mundane or unfulfilling it is. Why? Because just as I was looking for that empty egg carton to be in the refrigerator, God is looking for you where He last told you be.

I don’t like to waste time and if I feel that my services in a particular place or event aren’t needed or valued, I’m quick to move on.  I want to make difference.  My efforts must count.  While this is considered an asset, I have to be aware when pride may sneak in prompting me to instantly dismiss opportunities where I may have to be patient.

A great example of this occurred last Sunday.  I received a message from the volunteer coordinator that extra help was needed at church.   I almost dismissed it because the previous Sunday when I arrived ready to work, I was told that everything was already covered.  Thankfully, I found something productive to do and was later asked to fill an empty position.

Last Sunday, despite my concerns, I decided to go early to help, and was plugged in right away to help.

No matter how accomplished or experienced we may be, God may be asking us to fulfill a task that seems uncomfortable, uneasy, or downright humiliating.  If that is where He asks you to be, continue in it no matter how mundane it is.  The reward of obedience is promotion (Isaiah 1:19).

The bulk box of eggs, taking up a lot of space!

3. You’re better in the refrigerator of waiting than in the recycle heap of ease. God is not looking for you in the recycle bin, but in the refrigerator of life, ready and willing to be used in ways He has already predetermined.  Remember when I overlooked the egg carton in the recycle bin, but when I didn’t see it in the refrigerator, I immediately retrieved it?

Again, God is looking for you in a specific place–the place He called you to be.  It may be easy to just sit opportunities out, let someone else do it–“take the easy way out” some may call it. But, easy is not always better. In fact, those things that are obtained with time, sweat and MUCH effort are the most worthwhile and rewarding.  Of course God doesn’t want you to take on so many responsibilities that you are not able to be faithful to your primary ones.  On the other hand, at times He wants to stretch you beyond your normal capabilities. This is where growth occurs.

For instance, my girls and I are entering our second year of involvement with a homeschool group here in Virginia. Whereas last year I was involved in only a few activities, this year I jumped in and got involved in several activities that I had been pondering for a while.  Will it take time and effort to fulfill these efforts? Sure, but where’s the growth if we play it safe all the time.

What is it that you are feeling compelled to step out and do? What’s holding you back? Any mundane assignments keeping you uninspired? Remember the promise of obedience (Isaiah 1:19)!

Thank you for reading. I’d love to hear from you.


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