About Me


Hi there! I thought I’d give you a little insight into who I am since I love to read this kind of stuff about others.  It all started in college when I made two major decisions in life. One was the decision to start a relationship with Christ.  Now THAT was the BEST decision I’ve made in life!

The other was to switch my major from Engineering to Rhetoric (writing). Although it was such a vast move in my junior year of college, I’m oh so glad I did it!

Since graduating from college, I’ve worked as a writer/editor of a publications department, as a freelancer and as an editor of a town newspaper. In 2016, a friend suggested that I blog and it has been one of the best journeys I’ve embraced in my career!

Now, I’m excited that I get to share what the Lord shares with me, with others. This is a new journey, but a great one that I’m looking forward to. Thank you for coming along for the ride!