How Bad Do You Want It?

“I felt worse and worse about the job the more I thought about it. Driving home from the orientation, I passed by Sheetz. I wondered why the manager had not returned my phone call or called me in for a job interview.  I decided to make a U-turn, go in the store and meet her and inquire as to the status of my application.”

10 Things to Stop (and Start) Saying

“Most people know the power of words, but yet, they don’t speak as if they do.  My spiritual father says often that if our lives depended on our words, most of us would already be dead.”

The Most Important Voice

“In other words, no matter how many negative words or reports you’ve heard, you can override them with the most important voice–your own.” 

Getting on Higher (or Lower) Ground

“How can you get on higher ground, or see things from the Lord’s perspective?  Well, the most important thing to do is to remember what He has already promised you.”

How Can I Be “That Daughter” Part 2

In my last blog I recalled my thoughts regarding how I can be a daughter that is not only loved by God, but pleasing as well.  These thoughts came about after reflecting on my daughters’ actions and attitudes while we were preparing to go out of town.  To read the blog in its entirety, you may find it…

How Can I Be “That Daughter” Part I

“If you run from the opportunities the Lord has determined to help you grow, your faith will stagnate.  If you proceed, it will grow.  It is just that simple.”

The Prodigal Turtle

Most Saturday mornings find me looking out of my breakfast nook window, but this morning I found a pleasant surprise–an Eastern box turtle diligently crawling through our backyard toward our house. It wasn’t the first one I have seen in the neighborhood.  I’ve seen some alive and unfortunately, a couple crushed in the street. I took a few moments to watch where he was going…

That Salsa Jar Smell

As I reached up to the cabinet to obtain an empty jar in which to pour my newly boiled  bone broth, I opened it and took a whiff. “Yep, still smells like salsa.” I tried again with the sauerkraut jar, same thing. However, when I smelled another jar with no lid, nothing. No smell whatsoever.  Wow, what happened? Science teaches us…